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Forex Trading Software is a trading software that can operate in manual trading mode and in auto-trading mode.

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Foreign Exchange Market

Forex Trading is made to trade the currency market. The software gives access to trade majors currency pairs and cryptocurrencies.

Automated Trading

Forex Trading comes with an automated trading mode. Usually called Trading Robot or Forex Bot, it can trade automatically.

Multi Brokers

Forex Trading is compatible with multiple Broker accounts. All of them available from a Forex Trading Software's account.

How Forex Trading Works?

1. Signup

Open an account from the signup page and access to the Forex Trading Software interface.

2. Deposit

Click on the Deposit button in the software interface and add funds to your trading account.

3. Begin Trading

Start opening trades by following the signals generated by the software or enable the Auto-Trading mode.

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Forex Trading Software is free of charge.
Forex Trading is compatible with all devices.
To start the automated trading mode, simply click on the 'START AUTO TRADE' button. To stop the automated trading mode, then click again on the same button.
To start with Forex Trading Software signup and follow the guidelines.